Psychological Services

Psychological Services

Children are impressionable and sensitive. They need able guidance and mentorship to develop into a successful and well rounded person. Sparsh provides this much needed guidance through passionate commitment, intense engagement and the best psychological services in Delhi NCR, India.

Sparsh brings together the best child psychologists to achieve its mission of bringing up a healthy mind and a healthy body for the children, young adolescents & teenagers.

It differs from other psychological clinics and has the following services to offer:

  •  Treatment without medication
  •  Psychological Assessment & Testing
  •  Psychological services (Psychotherapy, Behaviour Therapy, Behaviour Modification, Relaxation therapy and Counseling)
  •  Special Education
  •  Early Intervention Services

The most common special needs that need psychological treatment and care include:

  •  Academic problems
  • Writing & Learning related disorders – Dyslexia / Dysgraphia / Learning Disability
  • Hyperactivity
  • Weak Attention & Concentration skills (ADHD)
  • Very Naughty/Mischievous/Destructive and Restless Child.
  •  Behavioral Problems – being aggressive, stubborn, adamant, answering back, disobedience, Temper Tantrums and hitting other school kids.
  • Adjustment problems – stealing, lying, having relations with opposite sex, keeping bad company, spending more, talking too long over phone, showing off and other related adolescent adjustment issues.
  • Emotional problems – exam phobia, refusal to attend school, psychogenic aches/ pains/ headaches/ stomachaches/ fits/ seizures, psychogenic stammering, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, bed wetting, thumb sucking, nail biting and other conditions like involuntary body movements of eyes/neck/facial muscles etc.
  •  Autism - Remaining self preoccupied/inability to speak properly according to age.