Play and Study Groups

Play/ Social Skills Group

Deficit in age appropriate social skills is one of the main area of impairment for children with Autism. It includes difficulty in social interaction as well as understanding ‘Theory of Mind’- understanding other person’s perspective and thoughts. These difficulties may lead to range of problems in a child from being aware or tolerating peers presence to difficulty in initiating conversation.  
We use structures, play-based group to help children learn basic social skills such as:

  •  Initiating and maintaining conversations
  •  Making friends
  •  Asking questions to others
  •  Complimenting others 
  •  Sharing and taking turns
  •  Imaginative & pretend skills 

A combination of playing games, conversation, joint attention and coping with change are necessary components of the playgroups. We get down on the floor with your child and truly engage him/her through the medium of play. Specific themes are determined based on the information provided by the parents during the screening appointments. As a child becomes comfortable in the group and is able to relate to others, additional children may be brought into the group to develop more complex social skills.

Study Group

Many children with attention issues or Leaning Difficulty cope very well in individual sessions but face great difficulties in the classroom. The reason for the same could be because concentrating on a task with an individual teacher and a clutter free environment is much easier as compared to doing the same in a class of 30 to 40 children with a single teacher.
Thus we are conducting study group sessions which help children learn to:

  • Complete work independently. 
  • Copy from board. 
  • Borrow and share stationary with others. 
  • Respond appropriately to the teacher. 
  • Wait in line for their turn.
  • Listening & following the general instruction given to the class