About Us

Sparsh was formed in 2005 with the aim of nurturing the abilities of special needs children. Over the years, Sparsh has grown into a multi disciplinary organisation which caters to different needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, Attention Difficulties and Intellectual Disability. It is one of very few centers in the region to provide all requisite services ranging from Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Play School & Study Groups, Psychological Counselling and Speech & Language Therapy together under one roof. All these services are designed individually for each child keeping in mind their personal needs, strengths and baselines.

All services are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of trained and experienced professionals which include Special Educators, Child Psychologists and Occupational, Developmental and Speech & Language Therapists. We consider parents to be an integral part of the team and strongly believe in involving them in setting goals and planning for their child. 

Sparsh for Children aims at integrating children back into the society in a smooth and effective manner.

Our Vision

To enable children with different abilities to carve out and realize opportunities for a fulfilling personal, social and professional life, while also creating a society that works as a catalyst for their successful inclusion.

Our Mission

To provide the highest value-added hands on and therapeutic services to our children, families and schools. Our values consist of five reinforcing elements: quality, professionalism, child centric, quantifiable value-add (regular progressing IEP’s), personal and team growth.